WordCamp Lore: All About Wapuus

WordCamp ABQ Wapuus

At WordCamp Albuquerque this year, we’ll have a few new additions: three New Mexico-themed wapuus that will be featured on some swag items.  They were designed by Joseph Chavez, our graphic designer.  What exactly is a wapuu and how have they become a staple at many WordCamps over the past several years?

Wapuus are the unofficial mascots of WordCamps across the world.  The first wapuu was designed for a WordCamp in Japan after winning an online contest in August of 2011.  Read all the details on the unofficial wapuu fan club site.  Wapuus didn’t start to become widely known until two years later, when WordCamp London unveiled a wapuu for their event.  They then became a common sighting at other WordCamps in Europe and the US.

What’s so special about wapuus?  Wapuus bring in the local community by reflecting local culture.  While the core design is the same, each WordCamp adds its own unique style to match the region, which is why wapuus have even become collectors’ items.

To see more wapuus, visit the archives on Github.