Speakers for WordCamp Albuquerque 2016

Jeff Wells

I am lead developer on a project that involves Sport fishing and using the WP Rest API to send and receive data back and forth between our native app and a WordPress installation. We are also using the Rest API to port the videos from the WordPress installation back out to an AppleTV app.

Tim Anderson

Tim Anderson has been using the WordPress platform for quite a while. He builds and manages a variety of artist sites, as well as taking care of his five WP sites. He is the publisher of the photography PDF magazine Shadow & Light Magazine and Red Dog News, an email newsletter now in production for more than eight years.

Elizabeth Urello

I am a Happiness Engineer at Automattic. I help WordPress.com and Jetpack users with their blogs and websites all day!

Jamii Corley

Jamii is co-owner of Southwest Cyberport, a local Internet Service Provider. She is also the catalyst for Ideas and Coffee, a coworking space. She has worked with WordPress for about six years, building websites, developing plugins, and working with the WordPress community.

Alonso Indacochea

Born in Lima, Peru and a proud East Coaster, Alonso taught English as a Second Language and spent time in the nonprofit world before becoming a web developer. He’s the rare Mets / Eagles fan (attributed to his prior residence in both Queens and Philly). Alonso is a lover of cinema, from Kurosawa to John Ford to even John Waters. Le gusta hablar en castellano y também em português. Although he misses the rain and clouds every so often, New Mexico is his home for good. He is a graduate of Temple University and lives with his wife, Kathleen, his energetic daughter, Josephine, infant twin boys, Francisco and Iñigo, a neurotic dog, Rafa, and the various rabbits, quail, roadrunners and spiders that roam his backyard.

Eric R. Mechenbier

Prior to MechenbierIT, Eric was a Senior Analyst for an IT consulting company, focusing on design and implementation of IT systems consisting of subject matter expert interviews, requirements gathering and documentation, as well as project management experience.

He was a vital part of business function oversight, increasing contracts by 400% while being an integral part of Research and Development, developing a prototype application to automate a patent-pending algorithm.

Eric spent four and a half years with Cerner Corporation as a Senior System Engineer installing and maintaining Cerner Millennium software and the Oracle database backend.

Brian J. Stinar

I own Noventum Custom Software – a small software development company located here in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We’ve been using WordPress for about two years. Our highest profile WordPress project was the volunteer management system for the Burning of the Zozobra. We’ve also used WordPress to deliver solutions to Bandojo, The Frolicking Deer Lavender Farm, Santa Fe Trend Magazine and Aviata.

Hilary Fosdal

Hilary Fosdal is the owner of Red Phone Studio, a design and development company based in Chicago. She started building websites while working in the broadcast television industry. While still a news junkie, she loves to talk shop about all things digital. In her spare time, she seeks outdoor adventures that involve mostly hiking and running

Mark Carrera

Mark has been managing websites for a decade. He began using WordPress about seven years ago, and manages personal and School websites. Mark has a MBA in accounting and holds a Certified Management Accountant certificate. He has spoken at many conferences including WordCamps in Denver and Albuquerque and educational conferences in New Mexico and the Midwest.

Danielle Sears

Danielle Sears is the Lead Developer for MechenbierIT. She has both website creation and graphic design experience.

While attending college she spent three years working with ICT Training Services, a group devoted to training teachers how to teach remotely through Web-based systems.

Since graduating she spent five plus years working on contract IT projects for various companies until coming to work for Eric in 2013.

Kenneth Hargis

Kenneth Hargis is a local web developer with Orphic Workshop, LLC. He’s been working with computers for over 20 years, including IT work, database development, digital forensics, and web development. He’s been working with WordPress for 6 years, and doing a lot of development in it for 5 years. In addition to development, he also co-hosts a monthly WordPress Work Along at Ideas & Coffee, and has taught several classes on various aspects of WordPress. He graduated from the Anderson School of Management with a degree in Business Management with a focus on Information Technology.

Athena Christodoulou

Serial entrepreneur. Co-founder and CEO of Pen LOP, LLC.  She is a big promoter of the triple bottom line with regards to business( and life). Everything has to include people (relationships), planet (environment) and profit (choices).

Matthew Dorman

Matthew is a co-founder of Ndevr, Inc, a distributed WordPress development company. He started building websites as soon as he got an internet connection back in 1995, and hasn’t stopped since. He built successful sites for clients as big as Time Inc., Johnson & Johnson and Fox News; and as small as, well you wouldn’t even know who they are anyways. He recently moved West to Colorado, where he’s thoroughly enjoyed camping and snowboarding with his wife and two boys.

Sam Hotchkiss

Sam has been developing sites with WordPress for over 10 years. He built and ran an agency, then built a plugin business around BruteProtect, a security plugin which was acquired by Automattic in August of 2014. Sam now leads the Jetpack development team, working on the Jetpack plugin in use on millions of WordPress sites across the internet. In his spare time Sam travels all over the world taking photos with his wife, Becky. Sometimes they do it in style in their 1989 VW van, bringing their 3 dogs along for the adventure. He tries to post photos regularly on swh.me, but sometimes he forgets because he’s too busy writing about himself in the third person.

Timothy Falb

Tim learned how to code HTML by hand 20+ years ago, laboriously inserting style codes for each element because CSS had not yet been standardized. For more than 5 years, he owned an online store selling mosaic tiles imported from Italy. To handle orders and shipping, he developed a custom back office system based on WordPress. He transitioned to web development a few years ago and, after some fleeting experimentation with other CMS, focused on WordPress as his primary tool. When he takes breaks from WordPress development (http://trfalb.com) and maintenance for WordPress websites (https://eagleeyeupdates.com), he revels in the vistas and hiking from his home in Placitas, NM.

Marjorie R. Asturias

Marjorie R. Asturias is a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, the parent company of WordPress.com. She’s also a writer, speaker, blogger, and former entrepreneur who ran a successful social media and content marketing agency from 2009-2014. She’s the author of How to Get a Job in Social Media. She lives in Dallas, Texas, with her family, which includes 4 rescue dogs.

Josh Garcia

Josh is an owner and developer at 11 Online. He began full-time development in 2014 after graduating from the Deep Dive Coders Bootcamp. Josh has a huge passion for learning new things and helping his community. He also loves his family (and dog), traveling, sports, hip-hop and he plays the ukulele.

Joshua Gowans

I’m an experienced NPO executive director, recovering MBA-type with a slant toward technology and entrepreneurship, and am an owner and project manager of CiviCRM LLC, the company behind the open source CRM.

Danny Santoro

I’m a late twenty-something (which is so weird to say) who has been working with WordPress for around four years now. Out of school, I ran marketing and web for major international brands, and then left to start my own freelance company which still runs today. For two years, I’ve been working at WooThemes and then Automattic for their WooCommerce division. Aside from code, I went to school to make movies which I still do – needless to say, there doesn’t ever seem to be a minute of downtime… But I think I like it that way. 🙂

Karen Arnold

Karen has been actively involved with the WordPress community in Albuquerque since 2011. She works on the Happiness Engineer Hiring team at Automattic, the company behind WordPress.com.

Eric Debelak

Co-founder and Web Developer at 11 Online where we do client work as well as launch our own software products. We also are part of two local startups: ScoreStik and close threads. I used to teach at CNM’s Coding Bootcamp and currently teach with Girl Develop It.

Nick Ortiz

Web Developer at Cornershop Creative. Studied graphic design, digital media, and web technology, and has worked in both freelance and in-house development positions, as well as support and assistance positions in an educational programming computer lab.

Keya Horiuchi

Keya has worked with WordPress for years, since before version 1.5. She’s currently diving into network architecture. She has spoken at several WordCamps, Denver and Albuquerque. At WordCamp Denver she spoke about a hacked WordPress site and WordPress security. At WordCamp Albuquerque she spoke on open source mapping and WordPress.

Patrick Rauland

Patrick is a web enthusiast and loves sharing all sorts of content online. He writes tutorials for WooCommerce, tutorials how to paint toy soldiers (yes for real), and has taught a number of online courses and even written a book. He’s the Product Manager for #WooCommerce at @Automattic, and the guy who makes crazy sound effects.