Local talent tops our lineup!

In a previous post we mentioned the exciting presentations from WordPress experts who are traveling long distances to be here. We also have an amazing array of local talent! Here are a few highlights.

Eric Debelak, co-founder of 11 Online, will be bringing some styling expertise with a session on how CSS and WordPress themes interact. Eric is an experienced instructor who has worked with CNM’s Coding Bootcamp and Girl Develop It.

Alonso Indacochea, co-founder of Hermes Development has a great story about changing careers and creating an up-and-coming web agency in six months. He’ll talk about the process, useful tools, team building and networking.

Sam Hotchkiss, is the author of Brute Protect, a security plugin so popular that Automattic bought his company. Sam now works for Automattic on the JetPack team and will give us the basics on staying safe while working with WordPress.

Elizabeth Urello, happiness engineer with Automattic. WordPress.com has changed a lot over the years and has become a friendly environment for business clients. Elizabeth works with the Automatic team that makes that process work and she’ll be talking about how you can capitalize on that environment.

These are just a few of the great local speakers we’ve got at this WordCamp. Check the speakers section and the schedule for more information on what’s happening at this WordCamp.

Coming in from all directions!

Our speaker line up this year is talented, diverse, and coming in from far and wide.

We’ve got speakers from as far away as Chicago, Cincinnati, Dallas, and Costa Rica, all bringing their own flavors to the WordCamp stone soup.

Hilary Fosdal, owner of Red Phone Studio in Chicago is a seasoned WordCamp speaker who has given presentations in Chicago, St. Louis and at the recent US WordCamp. Her topics are varied but they always center around good communication between client and web designer. For our WordCamp she’ll be talking about project management.

Jeff Wells, the furtherest traveller is coming from Costa Rica to talk about using the WordPress API. Jeff is an organizer of Costa Rica WordPress Meetups and the lead developer on a project that involves Sport fishing and using the WP Rest API to send and receive data between a native app and a WordPress installation. The project also uses the Rest API to port the videos from the WordPress installation back out to an AppleTV app.

Based out of Cincinnati, Ohio we’ve got Danny Santoro who will be speaking about using WordPress as a Framework. Danny spoken at a dozen WordCamps in the past two years in Dayton, Philadelphia, Columbus, and Las Vegas among others. He had his own freelance company before going to work for WooThemes and now works for Automattic in their Woocommerce division.

Marjorie Asturias brings her many years of expertise in running a social media and content marketing agency to her talk on Marketing Your Business With WordPress. She now works for Automattic and has spoken at many WordCamps and other conferences in and around her home state of Texas. She’ll also share her experiences working with non-profit organizations in a panel discussion.

This is just a small sample of the diverse topics and interesting locations our WordCamp speakers will be bringing.


WordCamp Albuquerque – featuring …

meeting-311355_640We’ve got an impressive array of speakers at this WordCamp, coming from as far away as Costa Rica. We’ve got people from Woocommerce and Brute Protect, and a whole host of talented local WordPress experts. Check on the list so far.

Come join our panels

This year we wanted to try some more interactive sessions, so we’re adding several panels to the mix of presentations. Some of the tentative topics for panels are:

  1. Plugins you can’t live without
  2. Tools to monitor and improve your website
  3. Experiences using Open Source software for Non-Profits
  4. Getting involved with the WordPress community

If you’d like to be on one of these panels, of if you have a suggestion for other panels, please contact us below:

Call for Speakers

If you’d like to propose multiple topics, please submit the form multiple times, once for each topic.

Some guidelines:

  • We’re looking for talks that are immediately relevant (or directly applicable) to intermediate users.
  • We’re looking for presentations that are hands-on or workshop style, and we’re looking for panels of speakers to discuss topics of interest.
  • Talks will be allotted 45 minutes. You can use that time however you like (30 minutes for talking and 15 minutes for questions, 25 for talking and 20 for hands on, etc.).
  • Speakers will be offered free admission to WordCamp Albuquerque 2016 and get to attend a speaker dinner, but we can not reimburse travel, lodging, or other expenses.
  • As a disclaimer, all sessions will be video taped. You will need to sign and return an A/V form prior to speaking.

You will be notified when a decision about your submission is made.