What is a Happiness Bar?


What is a happiness bar?

WordCamp Albuquerque 2016 will have a happiness bar open for part of the day.  While not a bar in the traditional sense, a happiness bar is a welcoming place that WordCamp attendees can stop by to get one-on-one help with WordPress-related questions.  It’s staffed by volunteers, speakers, and/or organizers who are familiar with WordPress and available to help troubleshoot WordPress issues.

Having a strange error pop up with a WordPress plugin that you installed, and not sure what to do next?  The happiness bar is a good place to go.  Seeing a strange CSS layout issue on one of your WordPress site’s pages? Try the happiness bar for that one as well.

The happiness bar’s exact room and operating hours will be posted on our WordCamp schedule (which is currently being finalized), so check back closer to the event for more details.