Five Reasons to Attend WordCamp Albuquerque 2016

Reasons to attend WordCamp Albuquerque

WordCamp Albuquerque is just around the corner! Here are five reasons why you should snag a ticket and join us on April 30th.

Make new friends

WordCamp Albuquerque is a great place to meet other WordPress users in and around Albuquerque.  Are you a blogger looking to meet other bloggers, an entrepreneur looking to get a new website off the ground, or a designer looking to collaborate with a WordPress developer (or vice versa)?  Join us.  WordCamps are always full of friendly, approachable people.  Come see what makes the WordPress community such a welcoming place.

Learn new things

Things in the tech industry and WordPress specifically change all the time! It’s difficult to stay up to date on everything. WordCamp Albuquerque will have sessions and panels on a wide variety of relevant WordPress topics. Expect to walk away at the end of the day having learned something useful, whether it’s from a session or even a hallway conversation.

Awesome swag and sponsors

Of course we would’t have a WordCamp without cool swag! We’re keeping the swag details under wraps for now, but know that you won’t be disappointed :). Reserve yours today by buying your ticket.

Incredible value 

How often can you attend a full-day live conference with lunch, swag, and snacks included for only $20? Now that’s a deal.

Learn how to get involved in our meetups

Maybe you have some great ideas for upcoming WordPress Albuquerque meetup topics, or would like to speak at an upcoming meetup about your favorite WordPress plugin, a WordPress-based site your recently built, or how you monetized a WordPress site.  Our meetup group organizers are a friendly bunch who be in attendance and would love to chat further.